• Emily R.

    If you're looking for a Mobile Grooming company that does a GREAT job, this is the one! My dog Mary HATES going to the vet or groomers. Even worse, she does not like getting her nails cut. I thought I'd give Super Star Mobile Grooming a shot. They came to us and that really helped ease my dogs anxiety. I think the fact that the groomer (sorry I forgot his name) was confident and quick made all the difference. I'll definitely use them again and recommend to my friends.

    Emily R.

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  • Jennifer L

    Just used them for the first time today for both of my dogs. Amazing work at a very fast pace. Two dogs done in 35 min!!! And they both look and smell great. I'm definitely using them again!

    Jennifer L.

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  • Alexandra L

    I moved back to Miami less than a year ago and have moved around the Miami area a couple times so I have tried a few groomers.

    Although the groomers weren't bad I decided to try a mobile groomer so that I wouldn't have to worry about switching any more. I am so happy I did.

    Super Star treated Charlie great! The staff was extremely friendly and I felt more than comfortable leaving my dog with them. He came out super happy and looked great. I am so happy to have found a groomer I love.

    Definitely recommend Super Star Mobile Grooming to everyone that is in Miami and has a dog or cat! πŸ™‚

    Alexandra L.

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  • Samantha G.

    I have tried a couple of mobile groomers and they have all had to plug in to my input and at the end of the service they have disposed of the dirty water on my front porch. SUPER STAR really did provide me with a 'state of the art facility' just like they promise on their website. the trucks look so nice inside everything was so clean and they run on generators, which I just loved and they didn't throw away their dirty water on my property. The groomer was super friendly she had me step in the truck to consult different styles I could do on my Yorkshire terrier. I ended up doing a trim with the stand up ears and OMG it couldn't have been better. She looked like a toy and Bella just loved it. I don't know how she did it at first because Bella was a little bit frighten at first to go int he truck but the groomer won her over and went straight to work. I can honestly say I will be calling back in 3 weeks for a follow up. Thanks Super Star for making Bella a true DIVA!!!!

    Samantha G.

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  • Maria G.

    OMG!!!. The best haircut my Yorkie has gotten so far. i had an appointment for the first time today and let me tell you it was awesome Bella got a trim with stand up ears and the works she came back honestly looking like the super star she is . it wasn't long before the groomer was done with Bella and she looked beautiful. she explained to me how to us the drops for the fleas i didn't even know i have been using them wrong all along. she was very helpful with tips and stuff to keep the fleas away. overall i just loved how great Bella came out today. i cant wait until my next appointment see you guys then!!!!

    Maria G.

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  • Vick G.

    Today was the first time my kitty has been to a groomer. Most of the time I groom her myself but decided to go to the professionals and avoid having an angry cat for the next few days! The two groomers were very friendly! They seemed very professional and had a great attitude! I introduced them to my cat and they quickly began by cutting her nails, hair, and shampooing! 15 minutes later I had a great smelling pet (although a bit scared) she looked great! My only complaint would be that the collar they used might have been a bit too tight! Overall they did a great fast and affordable job! πŸ™‚

    I can also appreciate that the company called about 30 min later to ask about their service! Clearly they care about their customers!

    I will definitely be calling back for my pup and cat! πŸ™‚

    Vick G.

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  • Ibrain F.

    This is an experience that I will not forget. Usually on Saturday I take my two pitbull to a lake nearby my home and this Sat. they both got some mud on their fur. I decide to make a call to a pet grooming that will go to my home that will groomed my lovely dogs Flex & Luna. When I made a call to Super Star Mobile Grooming the receptionist was very pleasant and the price was awesome. Note the fact that i was going to get two pitbull done and it can get pricy. When the groomer arrive they were interacting with my dogs and made the experience even better. The groomer were on time and that is a major plus. I will definetely reccomend Super Star Mobile Grooming to whoever will like to have there dog well groomed.

    Ibrain F.

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  • Vanessa R.

    I have two Chihuahuas that most people would say are my kids (and they are) so needless to say I do not trust them with just anyone! Super Star Mobile Grooming was recommended to me and I couldn't be happier for the customer service to me as well as my babies. Amazing staff, service, and punctuality! :o)

    Vanessa R.

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  • Chalice J.

    I was very happy with this groomer. Not many mobile groomers take cats. I have a Persian and he needs to be shaved a couple times a year. I was thrilled that Super Star grooms cats. They came at 7:00 am on time. The groomer was very friendly. My cat looked good with his 'lion cut'. They took off a little bit too much on his head, but other than that, the cut was good. I will use this service again.

    Chalice J.

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  • Katrina B.

    For several years we were taking our puppy to local groomers but we were not satisfied with the quality of work or service. We did eventually find a good groomer but it was quite a drive. We learned of Super Star Mobile Grooming and gave them a try. We have been with them for several years now and are extremely happy with their professional and efficient manner in which they conduct their business. Our family is most grateful to Super Star Mobile Grooming for saving our dogs life during a recent appointment. The groomer quickly alerted us to a sudden medical emergency which was affecting our dog. She was unresponsive and unconscious. The groomer suggested we give her some water and honey. This revived her and gave us time to take her to the vet for emergency treatment. The groomer responded in a professional and controlled manner and knew what to do without panicking. THANK YOU SUPER STAR MOBILE GROOMERS!

    Katrina B.

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