For several years we were taking our puppy to local groomers but we were not satisfied with the quality of work or service. We did eventually find a good groomer but it was quite a drive. We learned of Super Star Mobile Grooming and gave them a try. We have been with them for several years now and are extremely happy with their professional and efficient manner in which they conduct their business. Our family is most grateful to Super Star Mobile Grooming for saving our dogs life during a recent appointment. The groomer quickly alerted us to a sudden medical emergency which was affecting our dog. She was unresponsive and unconscious. The groomer suggested we give her some water and honey. This revived her and gave us time to take her to the vet for emergency treatment. The groomer responded in a professional and controlled manner and knew what to do without panicking. THANK YOU SUPER STAR MOBILE GROOMERS!

Katrina B.