November 2013

Peanut is a chihuahua and min pin mix and a princess according to her mommy! Congrats Peanut!


October 2013

Chloe is a mixed breed of miniature maltese and toy poodle. Chloe is 12 years old with still the energy of a puppy.


September 2013

Papi is a 6 year old Chihuahua. He and his sister were recently adopted from the Broward Humane Society. They came up to Broward from the Safe Harbor Animal Shelter down in the Keys! He and his sister Mami are inseparable and happy to be in a new loving home.


August 2013

Meet Cappuccino. He is a blonde, long haired Dachshund. He is loving, full of energy and loves to be spoiled with attention!


July 2013

Meet this month's Superstar, Scruffy! Scruffy's mommy describes he is a super star "because of his unique personality. He is the most lovable little doggie in the world. He is truly a part of our family we love him dearly. We love superstar groomers because they always treat him with love!!!" Don't forget to post a picture of your groomed pup to win Super Star if the Month and receive a FREE grooming session!


May 2013

This month's SUPERSTAR is...Pancho! Make sure to post a picture of your pup next month with a short description of why he or she is a superstar.


February 2013

Congrats to the Super Star of the month for February, Abbey! Abbey is a 3 year-old Dachshund from Miami Lakes. Her hobbies include playing with her two siblings Jade and Rumi and sporting the latest in bandana fashion!


January 2013

Aggie is a Miniature Schnauzer who loves walks around the neighborhood, stuffed toys and most of all, snuggling with her brother Rocky, a Teacup Yorkie (pictured). While Rocky is the feisty one of the group, Aggie works hard to keep him in check! The two make quite the pair!

October 2012

Bianca and her cute doggie is winner of the Halloween costume contest!


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March 2012

This chihuahua loves to spend time out doors and tan. His adventurous spirit means he needs grooming's quite often which is why he has Super Star on speed dial!


February 2012

This Cocker Spaniel loves to host "Girls Night In" soiree's with her friend Butters where they are spoiled with treats and attention. Jasmine always loves to look her best and demands her grooming (mani included) every 2 months.


January 2012

This adorable Spanish Waterdog named Pancho Gonzalez absolutely loves to be active and play in the pool! His favorite pastime makes for many grooming disasters which is why he loves Super Star Mobile Grooming!


December 2011

Lola is one fashionable starlet. She has quite a closet and always loves to look her best! She will be getting ready for the Christmas paparazzi this year with a complimentary grooming by Super Star!


October 2011

Super Star Missy is a one year old American Bulldog Mix. Who loves living in Miami with her Mom and Grandma. The only thing she loves more than a good belly rub is the Super Star treatment!


September 2011

Super Star Sasha is a Puerto Rican Jet Setter! She loves to go fishing with her owner Rick and especially enjoys a day on the water in the Florida Keys.


August 2011

This 6 yr old Yorkie who considers herself a true "classic". This starlet loves getting rubbed by her mom Barbara and to play with her daughter/protege Cici! If you'd like us to feature your pet as our Super Star of the Month, post their picture and a short bio on our wall. They could win a complimentary grooming!


July 2011

Walter Sobchak, Walter for short, is a 2.5 lb Pomeranian Who loves to watch movies with his mom Ally. As a matter of fact, he was named afterJohn Goodman's character in The Big Lebowski. He loves to wrestle with his big sister Coco the Shihtzu and some of his favorite pastimes include chasing his tail, taking naps in strange places like his toy bin and inside of the coffee table, and staring out the window at his Miami Kingdom.


June 2011

Gidget is a sweet 3 year old Cocker Spaniel who holds the title of being the “biggest cuddler ever.” Gidget loves Super Star Mobile Grooming because they are gentle and because she is scared of being far from home. Being born blind has not stopped her from enjoying the splendors of life.


May 2011

Cosita shares her home with 4 other cats but has grown especially close to her buddy Sam, the golden retriever she also lives with. Cosita is not only irresistibly cute, she's also very intelligent and always knows how to get her way. When she's not busy being sassy or playing tricks on Sam, she loves to sit by the window and watch the birds outside or snuggle in bed with her parents.


April 2011

Chloe is a friendly pure bred French Bulldog with an appetite for attention, especially after being pampered by Super Star Mobile Grooming!