I have tried a couple of mobile groomers and they have all had to plug in to my input and at the end of the service they have disposed of the dirty water on my front porch. SUPER STAR really did provide me with a 'state of the art facility' just like they promise on their website. the trucks look so nice inside everything was so clean and they run on generators, which I just loved and they didn't throw away their dirty water on my property. The groomer was super friendly she had me step in the truck to consult different styles I could do on my Yorkshire terrier. I ended up doing a trim with the stand up ears and OMG it couldn't have been better. She looked like a toy and Bella just loved it. I don't know how she did it at first because Bella was a little bit frighten at first to go int he truck but the groomer won her over and went straight to work. I can honestly say I will be calling back in 3 weeks for a follow up. Thanks Super Star for making Bella a true DIVA!!!!

Samantha G.