SuperStar Newsletter

September 2013

Super Star Mobile Grooming is South Florida’s premier mobile pet grooming salon serving both Miami- Dade and Broward counties. We give all of our furry little clients the Star treatment. Your pet will be pampered, prepped and ready for the red carpet!

10 Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog

  1. Join a local dog walk event to raise money: It’s a great way for your dog to socialize and for you to meet other local dog lovers!
  2. Go to the beach: Enjoy the water and summer heat while it lasts!
  3. Arrange a play date with a doggie friend: It’s always fun watching your dog play with others.
  4. Go camping: Enjoy a night under the stars in the outdoors with your dog. You can play all night!
  5. Enjoy lunch at a pet friendly restaurant patio: Make a weekend lunch a little different by bringing “man’s best friend” with you.
  6. Throw your dog a birthday party: What’s more fun than birthday parties?
  7. Attend a new training class: Teach your dog a new trick and then go show off their new skills!
  8. Have a bark-beque with friends: The weather is great for BBQ’s just mix it up a bit and invite all your friends with dogs!
  9. Check out a local doggie bakery: Introduce your dog to some new treats. MMM…. Yummy!
  10. Go for a hike: Keep both of you in shape by going for a hike or a walk on a great sunny day!