SuperStar Newsletter

June 2013

Super Star Mobile Grooming is South Florida’s premier mobile pet grooming salon serving both Miami- Dade and Broward counties. We give all of our furry little clients the Star treatment. Your pet will be pampered, prepped and ready for the red carpet!

Top Summer Tips!

Summer road trips can be a lot of fun and give us some of the best family memories. For the many of us that don’t like to leave our pups while we’re on vacation, having the hitch a ride with us is often preferable. Many dogs enjoy riding in the car and with a little planning, our dogs can have just as good time as we do on vacation. But there are some important considerations to remember before jumping in the backseat.
Here are some tips:

ID is Vital

It’s imperative that your dog wears a collar with your name, address and phone number engraved on it. Remember that if your dog does ever get lost, you won’t be home to answer the phone so it’s best to engrave the ID collar with your cell phone number instead. Keep your dog on a leash and consider micro- chipping your dog before you go.

Potty Breaks

Stop every two hours to let them walk and have a bathroom break. Teach doggie command to use potty.


Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean that feeding schedules should change. It might be a little inconvenient , but your dog will stay regular and feel better if you stick to their normal feeding times.

In The Car

Remember that is your best interest and your pet’s to keep him/ her restrained while driving. Small dogs can stay in a crate if they are more comfortable there (which most are). Larger dogs can wear a seatbelt type restrainer. Some states are stricter than others when it comes to ticketing drivers with unrestrained animas.

And the biggest rule of all?

Never, ever leave your dog in a car in the hot weather. It can be life- threatening and fatal, even if you think you’re just running in a restaurant for a quick bite.