Super Star Newsletter

February 2013

Super Star Mobile Grooming is South Florida’s premier mobile pet grooming salon serving both Miami- Dade and Broward counties. We give all of our furry little clients the Star treatment. Your pet will be pampered, prepped and ready for the red carpet!
No autographs please…

Show your Pet Some Love!

February is here! Everywhere you look stores are selling roses, chocolates and everything pink and red but while you are out shopping for your special valentine remember to think of the loved one that has stood by your side all year, your pet! Take a look at our tips for how to show your pet some love this season ( and all year long)!

Book a Spa Day

We love getting pampered to feel our best and our pets certainly do too Make an appointment for your fur- baby to get a wash and groom at yours truly Super Star Mobile Grooming! Aside from helping them look amazing, a good grooming also has health benefits for nails, eyes, and skin to name a few!

Sign Up for a Class

Old or young, a dog is never too old to learn new tricks, or obedience! Doesn’t seem like your dogs idea of a fun time? Think again! Most dogs love the opportunity to interact with other dogs, especially while getting treats each time they please you! The class will allow the two of you to spend time together as well as increase your understanding of each other The reduced frustrations from training or behavior related matters (on both of your parts) will strengthen your bond!

Make a Donation

How better to show your love for your pet and all animals than by making a donation to a shelter in their name? Organizations such as the Humane Society and even smaller local ones allow you to make online donations in the name of your pet to help save the lives of animals across the country.